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Get Your Mojo Back
Get Your Mojo Back
Love comes from emotions. Emotions come from beliefs, and beliefs come from needs. Needs come from conditioning. So, we will change the conditioning to create a new form of unconditional love for you. This programme focuses on establishing a relationship with yourself before creating connections with others and working on self-esteem, self-confidence, healthy boundaries, gratitude, self-awareness, and becoming a best friend to yourself. The process is not necessarily about creating a new you but learning what you are not. When you are yourself, you let go of the expectation that others need to show up for your happenings. You create your happiness. We will work together to reveal the greatest version of ourselves.
Create A Romantic Love Bond You Deserve
Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. - Rumi
Romantic relationships don't cause us pain. They bring out the suffering already within us. Our brains are naturally wired to connect, but trauma pulls them back to protect themselves. We can work together to understand unhealthy patterns and habits that have stuck you in a vicious circle. You will learn the difference between dependency and real unconditional love, which is selfless. We can find ways how you can without attaching yourself to the outcome. Master the freedom of detachment in a relationship, build your own identity, learn, improve and grow together.
Create Romantic Love Bond You Deserve
Transform Your Connection With Others
Transform Your Connection With Others
Every day we face small challenges that bring us opportunities to connect with other people, family members, children, friends, colleagues, and strangers. We either make the best out of these connections or pass them without awareness. And where there is no awareness, there is no growth. You will discover that every person you encounter in your life will bring you something you can learn to understand instead of taking things personally. You'll find that people's behaviour has nothing to do with you but more about their insecurities and hardships. We will explore coping strategies for dealing with challenging situations by self-regulating your emotions and learning to respond rather than react.

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